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We actively research the market to find the best brokering opportunities available at any given time.  This includes Note Brokering, Business Brokers, Real Estate Brokers, Stock Brokers, Mortgage Brokers and Freight Brokers and many more.


Our current research suggest that Note Brokering is the best brokering opportunity at this time due to the current economic conditions.

We have found that there is an abudance of notes in the marketplace at this time.  Most of these notes are held by individuals who would prefer a lump sum of cash now and many are currently in the market to sell their notes at this time. You can earn great fees by locating these notes and referring them to note buyers.  Training is essential to your success in this industry.


There are a few programs available to teach you how to broker notes, however WE RECOMMEND Charter Financial's All Inclusive Program.  This packaged offering includes:


1. Charter Financial's "Building Wealth Together" Home Study Manual


2. A Professionally Designed Note Brokering Website - See Sample Sites


3. 120 Free Mortgage Leads of Actual Note Holders
4. Membership into the Cash Flow Institute (The #1 Note Brokering Online Training Site)

5. Free Industry Certification
Regular Price:  $199 Price:  $149   Save $50

Charter Financial's All Inclusive Program

Watch this exciting webinar video to learn more about Charter Financial's All Inclusive Program

Charter Financial is one of the countries largest buyers of privately held notes.  What makes them unique in the industry is that they train their own brokers how to work the business.

Charter Financial purchases privately held real estate notes (land contracts), structured court settlements, lottery winnings and business notes.  Their popular training program, "Building Wealth Together", teaches you how to locate note holders, you refer these to Charter, and you earn huge fees.

Leland von Syring is the President and has been working in the industry for  over 20 years.  He now also teaches his students how to locate all types of notes (not only the ones Charter Financial purchases).  This training is now conducted through his Cash Flow Institute Online University.
Leland has now combined his "Building Wealth Together" program with his Cash Flow Institute in an offering that is ideal for start up brokers.
This offer includes his "Building Wealth Together" training manual, a note brokering website, 120 free mortgage leads (names and addresses of actual note holders), and a membership into his Cash Flow Institute.
This is a great program for both experienced and new consultants and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

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Excellent Home

Study Manual


Professionally Designed Note Brokering Website


Online Training Materials


Telephone / Email Support


Tele-Seminar Training


Company does all paperwork at no cost to you


Bonus Program


Membership into the Cash Flow Institute


Membership into the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers


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