Business Brokers


Becoming a successful Business Broker can be very lucrative. Commissions are earned by bringing business buyers together with business sellers.  You can earn commissions by either listing a business, selling a business or both.


Individuals who understand how small business works, those who are good at networking and who aren't afraid to cold call, seem to be the best candidates for operating a succesful business brokerage.  You can start out working for a company and then branching out to work on your own.


Many successful Business Brokers earn well over six figures on an annual basis.  As with all other occupations, training is a must.


We recommend American Business Brokers Association as the best training source for business brokers in the country.  Click on the logo below for more information about opportunities available through ABBA.

American Business Brokers Association

Additional Business Broker Training Opportunities


The Certified Business Broker (CBB) Program is a 100% online 5 month training and certification program that provides business brokers with the information, tools, forms, and sales management methods to help them start or improve their business brokerage careers.


A.S. Radin and Associates


Busines brokers are highly needed professionals hired by business owners to sell his or her business in a confidential and professional manner.  We are not real estate agents or brokers nor do we need licensing.  We sell actual businesses and their assets, not real estate.


School of Business Brokerage


Business Brokerage "An Excellent Career Choice" Are you contemplating a business brokerage career?  If so, you probably have lots of questions and concerns and we are here to answer them for you.


Global Business Brokers Institute


In the Spring of 2011, Orville Wright, the founder of the Global Business Brokers Institute began offering comprehensive one-on-one Business Broker Training to business professionals in the USA and Canada.  This is a fully comprehensive 6-day training course that is conducted at the Business Broker Candidate's location and is the foundation for earning the prestigious "Certified Business Broker" designation.


The Business Broker Learning Center


Professional Business Brokers