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Working as a real estate broker can be very rewarding, but does require years of training.  Licensing requirements are different from state to state but most brokers must start out as a Realtor and also must take numerous classes and test to qualify.

Right now the outlook for Real Estate Brokers is not as bright as it has been in the past due to the housing crisis.  If you are looking to become a real estate broker then we recommend that you first start out with a reputable company and train under an established broker.

There are thousands of independent brokers across the country that you could learn from.  However, we only evaluate those companies that work on a national level.  With that requirement in mind, our conclusion is that Century 21 offers the best training for new agents/brokers around the country.

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Century 21

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Real Estate Champions


Real Estate Training and Real Estate Coaching covering every area of beed that is fully comprehensive, time tested, and proven to generate success for any Real Estate Agent or Broker.


American Military University


AMU's degrees in real estate are perfect for students planning to enter one of several real estate-specific career fields. These programs provide broad based knowledge of core areas within the real estate field, and examine the basic experience, education and licensing requirements as well as personal attributes required to succeed. These careers include real estate agent, real estate salesperson/broker, residential real property inspector, real property appraiser, mortgage broker/loan officer or property manager.


Real Estate License Direct


The staff here at R.E.L.D are dedicated to helping you succeed in your pursuit towards becoming a real estate agent. As a direct result of our dedication and the support from our thousands of satisfied students we have created the Internets largest online center for those wishing to obtain their real estate license.


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